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10 November 2016

Your Winter edition of Flashpoint is at the printers awaiting publication and hopefully arriving some time in December.

With the hope that someone might take on the role I am still keen to receive any contributions for inclusion of any future Flashpoint and I would keep them and then pass them on to the future editor, by doing this it would save any delays in again appealing for articles and at least the new editor would have a head start.

I am optimistic that someone will volunteer again its up to you the members to decide.


Stephen Harrison silverfoxy2k@hotmail.com



25 October 2016

Message from the Chairman:

Please be advised that Dave Hughes is no longer running the shop. Items from the shop are with certain members and should anyone wish to purchase anything please contact me on 01252 492111 to discuss your requirements.

Certain items have been donated to the Museum but not any clothing.

Neil Slade  crashmarksix@sky.com

Chairman & Membership Secretary



25 September 2016

Due to unseen circumstances there will be no summer edition of the Flashpoint magazine. I have stepped in as temporary editor and hope to produce a winter edition. As you all know I was co-editor with George Edwards and it is always a constant struggle to produce a magazine without contributions but I am willing to give it a go again, as I believe Flashpoint is the corner stone of the association and is still the only contact that some members have with the association

So I hope you will try and make an effort and contribute to your own magazine. If you sent any articles to Adrian Tearle for inclusion recently please redirect them to me please. Silverfoxy2k@hotmail.com. My other contact details are on page 2 of Flashpoint under Lincolnshire co-ordinator.


Stephen Harrison silverfoxy2k@hotmail.com



31 August 2016


 Is there anybody out there who served at El Adem between 1967 and 1968. Surely you haven't all shuffled off the mortal coil.


Neil Mallon neil_mallon@sky.com




7 August 2016

I have been redirected to your web site in my search for information about my late dad. Dad died recently and we are trying to find memories of his time in the RAF. The information we have found is from his discharge book. and reads as follows:

James Will Cameron

Number - T428590

Trade - Senior aircraft man.   He was training to be an airport fireman

dates 1966-1968

RAF Leconfield

Wing Commanders name on the discharge book is ER Simmons

Dad told mum something about him being at Catterick, but his book says Leconfield.  

Dad was discharged under ill health.

I hope you can help us in our search for photographs or any other information.

Thank you in advance

Lisa Turnbull


Lisa Cameron cameron_lisa@live.co.uk




14 July 2016


Dear Members

I need to pass the shop on ASAP or at least at the next reunion. We have moved to Somerset and the village is several miles from a full time post office. Also we have nowhere near the same storage space as previously so I cannot offer a decent service to the membership. There must be some members who are retired and have time on their hands who could take it on. Please ring 01823 401376 if you are interested and wish to find out more.

Kind regards


David Hughes david.hughes939@yahoo.com

Shop Manager



2 July 2016

Following recent resignations, the Association is now in urgent need of a Treasurer and an Editor for Flashpoint. If you can help please get in touch.

Neil Slade  crashmarksix@sky.com

Chairman & Membership Secretary



1 June 2016

RAF Fire and Rescue Service Memorial Fund.

 In the Spring issue of Flashpoint, I informed you that the total of the RAF Fire & Rescue Service Memorial Fund stood at £11,015.    Earlier Totals:- Feb 2015  £9548,   Feb 2014  £6,333.  

 The latest bank statements show that in March £155.00, April £285, and May £546.65 were added. I also received a £60 donation from Vic Golding, a member of RAF&DFSA, making a total of £1046.65.  As at 1st June 2016 the account  stands at £12,061.65.

 Included in these figures were two donations of £195 and £245 from RAF Akrotiri  and one of £216.65 from Ft Sgt Steve Pickston, Tac at Fire from Brize. I would also like to thank Steve Barrick, the only member of the RAF Fire Service to make monthly contributions by Standing Order (SO).    

A 9.9% increase in the last three months, which is brilliant, and I would like to thank all those members of the RAF and the Association who have contributed to this success.

Going forward, it will be the small regular contributions by Standing Order (SO) that will make the largest impact on this worthy cause.

 So, If you would like to contribute a small amount each month and set up a SO please contact me on 01923 331975 or e mail  trevor.hayes3@ntlworld.com  whether RAF, RAF&DFSA or DFS and I will forward a mandate to you.

 Thank you all


Trevor Hayes

Treasurer of the fund.


Trevor Hayes  trevor.hayes3@ntlworld.com  Tel: 01923 331975



28 May 2016

My name is Damian Smyth, I’m currently working on a history of RAF Leconfield from 1936-2015 with a view to publishing very soon. I have been working on this project for a number of years now. Just to give some background. I no longer live in the area of Leconfield but have been working on a history of the station for a number of years now (If not longer). Having been born and lived in near by Bevereley and Leconfield for most my early life.

My father arrived at Leconfield when he was an airframe fitter with 72 Squadron at the time, having just arrived  from Church Fenton in 1959 and spent a lot of his service life at Leconfield as part of 60MU as we did as a family. We were posted away in late 1975 to RAF Valley.

 I’m trying to obtain as many personal memoirs as possible for inclusion in the book. People have been wonderful with their time on this subject so far. Of course I will be including the RAF fire service at Leconfield from the 1930s until the station closed in 1977 any help from your members would be much appreciated.

 I set up the face book page a year or two ago.... https://www.facebook.com/RAF-Leconfield-158533137511108/ Base around the new book.

Thank you for time on this issue

Kind Regards

Damian Smyth damiansmyth60@yahoo.com



16 May 2016

Just to say hello to anyone who knows/knew me when I was with the fire section (Odiham, Akrotiri, Troodos, Upavon). Good times especially up at Troodos with Mo Broadbent and the lads.

 Take care all.


Ian Harrison   IAN.HARRISSON@london-fire.gov.uk



6 May 2016

Due to new security measures any member wishing to take part in the Remembrance Parade at the Cenotaph please contact me with their name address date of birth by the 1st September, only members who have passed this information to me will be given a ticket. I have to pass all this on to RBL before they will issue tickets All tickets will have members name written on it and proof you are the person holding the ticket will be checked before being allowed on to Horse Guards Parade. No tickets will be available after this date.

My contact details are on this site and also in Flashpoint

 Ron Brown 294 - Parade Organiser.


Ron Brown   brown026@virginmedia.com



9 April 2016

Hi I'm Steve Parry ex Brize Changi Fairford Wildenrath and Leconfield, just to say hi and wish all who knows. Me well served from 1967/1976 loved every minute saw this after looking at Changi fire write up 1970



Steve Parry s.parry1@icloud.com



7 February 2016

Hi, does the name Michael "Mike" Chamberlaine ring any bells? He was my half brother. He was an RAF Fireman and possibly stationed at RAF Halton (1989) and RAF Stanbridge (1973), he was also stationed in Düsseldorf, Germany (1977) he also went to the Falklands. Sadly Mike died in 2010 he was 60 years old.


Unfortunately Mike and myself were not bought up together and I would very much like to know more about him. Any information would be greatly appreciated.




Chris Lane  patlane7@googlemail.com




29 December 2015



I am wondering if anyone would know my partner's dad.  Although he has never met him, we have been given the names of Crisp or Trevelyan, first name Simon or Steve He was a fire-fighter at St Mawgan circa 1991 which was when my partner's mother fell pregnant with him.  Her name was Reed. If anyone has any information that may help please get in touch.

Many thanks


Rebecca Chatwell rebecca.chatwell@hotmail.com



21 December 2015

May I wish all Members and their Families a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Neil & Jan Slade
Chairman & Membership Secretary


Neil Slade  crashmarksix@sky.com



10 December 2015

I am trying to discover the whereabouts of Terry & Yvonne Rowe. My family and I lived next door to them in Tobruk from November 1966 to late in 1967.

They were I believe last posted to RAF Locking in the West Country.

Any information would be gratefully appreciated.

Sincerely yours.

David Daymond


David Daymond daymond.davidjohn@homecall.co.uk




24 October 2015

Can anyone give me an address for Gerry Fielding wife of the late Mick Fielding. We used to have it, I even passed to someone on here once. She still sends us Christmas cards which we are unable to return.

Please send it to malcolmray352@aol.com 

Many thanks


Mal Ray malcolmray352@aol.com



23 October 2015

Down Here in New Zealand

I am happy to say that once again my old mate Donkey Dick commonly known  as AP 957 or Alen Price will be here with us again from UK. I would be only to happy to hear from anyone who remembers (Spike  Lynch) and even happier to put ex water rats up, especially old Sutton on Hull men if there are any still around. My mail is arthurhlynch@hotmail.com.  Anyone know the whereabouts of the following  Tom Scanlon  Bob North  John Lightfoot  Paddy Piggott.

Arthur (Spike) Lynch  arthurhlynch@hotmail.com



17 October 2015

I have 2 or 3 spare (returned) tickets for the Cenotaph Parade in London on Sunday 8 November. If any RAF&DFSA members who served at Changi, Seletar, Tengah, Butterworth or Penang would like to march under the banner of 'Units of the Far East Air Force' please get in touch.

This will be the first time the Units have marched together and we might attract a little extra coverage on the media.

 Many thanks,


RAF Butterworth and Penang Association

01228-674553 or 07809-154999

Tony Parrini  tony.parrini@btconnect.com



10 October 2015

Message from our Treasurer:


The real cost of each issue of Flashpoint 

Printing by Focus 4 Print - 550 copies with 24 pages   1,260.00

Stationary, Envelopes, Paper, and Inks                100.00

National postage           650.00

International postage         52.00

Total: £2,062.00



This is the cost to have each issue posted through each member’s letterbox, not to mention the weeks of work it takes Ade Tearle, our editor, to prepare and get each issue to the printers, or the number of days it takes me to prepare for posting.   

In the last issue we had 3 wasted pages due to the lack of articles received from members, these were:-

1. A crossword.

2. Remembrance Day Parade advertisement. 

3. David Hughes’ RAF&DFSA shop.

Ron’s Remembrance article and Dave’s shop could be included in each issue as a flyer for about £25. 

£2,062 divided by 24 pages per issue = £86 per page x 3 wasted pages per issue = £258 each issue x 3 issues per year = £774 a year that is wasted because of the lack of articles. 

We could reduce Flashpoint by 4 pages from 24 to 20 saving no less than £1032 a year but Ade, our Editor, does not wish to compromise our Association flagship magazine.

What Ade really needs is far more articles and photographs of interest from you, each member of our Association.

As we have over 430 members, I cannot understand why we have a problem with articles of interest for your Flashpoint that we all enjoy reading so much. Just one article from each member would keep Adrian busy for years.

So, please support Ade and Flashpoint and put pen to paper or preferably your finger to the keyboard and send by e mail to Ade at :- train.ade@virgin.net   All it will cost you is just a couple of hours of your time. His snail mail address is 76, Longway, Barrow in Furness, Cumbria, LA13 0DP.

 Do not worry about spelling or grammar. Ade will put that right before going to print.


Many thanks


Trevor Hayes



Trevor Hayes  trevor.hayes3@ntlworld.com  Tel: 01923 331975




27 September 2015

Would all members attending the reunion and AGM please bring a gift for the raffle.


Many thanks

Neil Slade  crashmarksix@sky.com



25 July 2015

Does anyone know of anyone who might have info on Mk12 and photos please?



Mark Corfield  marky05matlk@yahoo.co.uk



17 July 2015

I have just spent a few hours looking at your page and saw so many names I know. I joined at Sutton-on-Hull 1957 and retired 1987. I did Akrotiri twice, Marham, Swinderby, Episkopi, Staxton Wold, Rudloe several times, Upavon and Rheindahlen JHQ with dear old Pete Lee, bless him. My eldest son ended up WO in Signals and my grandson is in Signals also. I feel privileged to have spent those wonderful years and i am very proud of everything i accomplished.


Paul Townsend  sandrapaultownsend@gmail.com



9 July 2015

Flashpoint Information:

Flashpoint will be going to print in late July. Please could I ask members to submit articles for inclusion in the next edition by Friday 24th July.

cheersAdrian Tearle

Adrian Tearle

Flashpoint Editor

Adrian Tearle  train.ade@virgin.net



24 June 2015

Kath Penfold (widow of Keith, our late Honorary President)

Message from Keith's family:

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the members of the Association who came to Keith's funeral and for all the cards and messages of condolence received.

The money collected in his memory amounted to £510.00 and this has been donated to the RAFA Wings Appeal.

Thank you from Kath, his wife, and all his family.


23 April 2015

Please take a look at our Facebook page for Operation Sabre  .  We are desperately looking for usable Firefighting equipment to take out to Eastern Europe on our next trip in June Please get in touch if you can help.

Kind regards

Craig Jackson    craig.jackson@shropshirefire.gov.uk



7 April 2015


Members are invited to attend The Late Sir John Sutton KCB RAF Retd Service of Thanksgiving on 22 May 2015 at 1300 hours at St Michael and All Angels' Chapel, Royal Air Force College Cranwell, Sleaford, Lincolnshire NG34 8HB, Followed by light refreshments in College Hall Officers' Mess.


Those wishing to attend please contact Neil Slade Chairman on 01252 492111, email fordmondeo12@sky.com with name and vehicle registration before the 20 April 2015.


Wives and Partners are also invited, please state if you will be accompanied.

Please read the letters of appreciation from John's family.

Letter 1

Letter 2



Neil Slade  fordmondeo12@sky.com



30 March 2015

A message by email from our good friend George Edwards:

Dear all,

As I make my final preparations for my next hospitalisation can I
ask for one favour; each time I have been in hospital my dear Anne like all
carers is left to get on with things while I get pampered by beautiful
scantily clad nurses answering to my every whim (in my dreams) can I ask one
favour When Anne. returns home from a hospital visit there is usually she
quite a few messages on the answer phone enquiring about my health obviously
Anne makes every effort to reply to each message but it can be late
sometimes when she gets home and she may have grand kids to look after
therefore her time becomes precious and responding to loads of request's can
become all consuming for her. Besides she doesn't do Emails I have a system
in place with my SSAFA and RAFA colleagues whereby we have one point of
contact for Anne to call and that person will pass on any news. . This way
Anne gets a chance to take a breather unwind and relax before her next
hospital visit I have spoken with my long standing good buddy steve( silver
fox) Harrison and his and his lovely wife Liz are quite happy to act as the
point of contact for my RAF and association friends . Anne will keep Steve
updated . I am expected to be in hospital about 2 to3 weeks on my return
home we will answer the phone and I will check my e mails as normal. I go
into hospitals this coming Tuesday will spend two days getting prepared
for the operation stomach and bowel drain and then on Thursday it's the
operation. Anne is happy to take any calls but bear in mind she doesn't know
how to access my computer and she may not be able to answer every call
caller promptly. We do however thank each and every one who has sent me get
well wishes I would like to think I am raring to go once more into hospital
but I seem to be more anxious this time probably because have been there
before and have the scars and memories to remind me of it - oh the thought of
that catheter.

Stephen "Silver Fox" Harrison    silverfoxy2k@hotmail.com



25 March 2015

Help sought after:

My colleague has a group of WW2 medals for a Jack Pearson who was a firefighter (chemical) and who served in India. Can anyone explain what it means by "chemical"?  Is it as per CRBN nowadays or some other speciality?


Dee Boneham  via Facebook



10 March 2015

This is for Ray Hill, and Sam Newhouse. Both were at RAF Bawdsey with me in 1979/1980, now in U.S.A..

Please get in contact by email


Mick Pearce  pearcem52@att.net



23 February 2015

Flashpoint will be going to print in early April. Please could I ask members to submit articles for inclusion in the next edition by Friday 27th March.


Flashpoint Editor

Adrian Tearle  train.ade@virgin.net



18 February 2015

I have just had a call from George Edwards who has passed on the sad news that after all the pain that he has suffered over the years, his cancer has returned to his stomach.

George is one of the most decent, brave men that I have ever had the privilege of knowing and I would ask any one that has served with, or known him, to offer support or prayers for his recovery.

Brian Ford  brian@btfsafety.co.uk
Membership Secretary


I would just like to add my support for Brian's message.  George has been a cornerstone of the Association throughout my involvement, and he has worked tirelessly both behind the scenes and on Flashpoint. My thoughts are with you and your family George hoping you can once again rise above adversity and this evil disease.


Dave webmaster@rafanddfsa.co.uk




10 February 2015

Stephen Findlay, ex RAF Fire now Leicester Fire, is wondering if there is anyone I know out there.  Stationed at Northolt, Cottesmore then Wittering.


Stephen Findlay  via Facebook



9 January 2015

I found a photo of my father, Corporal Walter Stelling who died in 2006. He served with the RAF in the Fire Service on many RAF Stations. This photo was taken at RAF El Adam about 1959/60 just before he trooped by 'SS Nevassa' to RAAF Butterworth, with his family. He was posted back in 1963 via RAF Warton to Catterick 1965/6, RAF Kinloss in 1966/7, RAF Episkopi (112 Sqn Bloodhounds) 1967/70, RAF Church Fenton,1970/3, RAF Masirah 1974 and finally to RAF Brize Norton.


Ann Roberts  ann.roberts@cytanet.com.cy



5 January 2015

Please sign the e-petition opposing the closure of St Georges Chapel of Remembrance Biggin Hill, see http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/73191.  For more information about the Chapel go to http://www.warhistoryonline.com/war-articles/please-dont-close-st-georges-raf-chapel-remembrance-biggin-hill.html.


John "Brummie" Yates  jyates076@ntlworld.com



23 December 2014

On behalf of all Committee Members, Area Co-ordinators and Adey our Flashpoint Editor, I wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

I thank you all for the support this year.

Neil and Jan,

Neil Slade  fordmondeo12@sky.com



5 December 2014

To all members. Flashpoint is due out next week. Any member who has moved, changed phone/mobile numbers and email address, and not informed me of their new details Please email so Trevor Hayes can send you a flashpoint to your correct address. Thank you.


Neil Slade  fordmondeo12@sky.com



21 November 2014

I am trying to trace the following paid up members as I do not hold correct addresses or have any other method of contacting them. They may be still serving and moving around.

775 Christopher Thistlewood

821 Brent Inglis

781 Pete Manley

577 Patrick Boone

745 Michael Caffrey 

If you know these members, please ask them to contact me with all their contact details so that Flashpoints can be sent out to them. 

With thanks


Trevor Hayes  trevor.hayes3@ntlworld.com  Tel: 01923 331975




21 November 2014

Hi chaps, I drove from Adelaide to Melbourne last week (9.5 Hrs.) whilst there having a coffee at the Lake at Craigieburn I met another ex. Fireman doing the same thing his name was Frank Goldsworthy told him about your site so he may be in touch - he was trained at Sutton 1955-56 I'm just letting you know he is still alive and kicking and to remind you all to listen to the songs I sing on YouTube get me at Al Evans or MrFlameouts - I visit your site every week to get to know the latest "Gen" also I was in the U.K. in August and caught up with my old pal Chick Bebb he and Kay have had some health issues but are getting on with life, like most of us oldie's

All the best to you all , including - Tom Sellers, Pete Hutchinson and all from Swinderby, Edinbrugh Field, Gaydon, Tern Hill, Tawau (the sharp end) ,



Allan Evans   taffyboy@adam.com.au



17 November 2014


I was stationed at RAF Cranwell in 1964/65 and was friends with a guy from the Fire Service.

His name was Vince Lundt and he originated from the London area.

I have not been able to trace him since Cranwell and I was wondering if any member of your association could help, please.

Kind regards


Peter Swaine  peter.swaine@skynet.be


11 November 2014

Message from Sir John: