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7 Mar 19

From: Pauline McCann

Mem No 7 & Ex-President WO Dennis McCann BEM

Pauline and family would like to thank everyone who attended Dennis's funeral on 22nd March. Special thank you to the 4 Standard Bearers; Neil Slade and Mike Clapton for the Association, Arthur Lowe: British Legion, Sgt Mike Drury and Cadet FS Davies for RAFA - also thank you to all the members of the RAF and DFSA who gave Dennis the Salute-that was very moving. Also, thank you for the floral tributes and donations in Dennis's memory for the RAF Benevolent Fund-to date we have raised in excess of £250.

Finally, thank you also for all your expressions of sympathy

We wish the Association, Flashpoint and The Museum all the best for the future and keep up the good work it means such a lot to so many people.

Love to you all  Pauline McCann & family


26 Feb 19

From: Steve Harrison


The Museum of RAF Fire Fighting has now moved to a new storage facility in Scunthorpe supplied by North Lincolnshire Council with a one year lease which enables to us store the collection until a new “Home” can be found.

Although we cannot open to the public as a museum, but the council has allowed us some five public open days throughout the coming year in order to allow us to raise money and demonstrate our commitment to obtaining another premises to open as a museum. On display will be the vehicle collection as the other artefacts are boxed. When the dates are set they will be made known through the Museum and Association websites and through the various Facebook pages. Although a private visit can be accommodated by ringing the Museum 01522 730198 or email: enquiry@firemuseum.co.uk.

Stephen Harrison [silverfoxy2k@hotmail.com]


26 Nov 18

From: Steve Harrison


Although the Museum of RAF Firefighting is closed to the public don’t think we are inactive. Behind the scenes we are still very hard at work at trying to preserve the collection of our vehicles but also we are still trying to collect as many written/oral and visual histories as we can. Both modern and old. I know that a lot of you out there have a lot of history in your lofts and man caves. Please consider what you wish to contribute, if it stays in the loft precious history about our trade will be lost.

My contact details are on the website and in the Flashpoint in the contact details page under Co-ordinators



Stephen Harrison [silverfoxy2k@hotmail.com]


8 Nov 18

From: Gwen Mather


My great uncle served at Lossiemouth HMS Fulmar, he was Able Seaman Raymond Dutton C/JX 549398. I am trying to trace any photos anyone may have of him as he died at Lossiemouth on 20th November 1946.

He was only 21 years old.  If you have anyone in your contacts who may be-able to supply any photos I would be extremely grateful.  

Kind regards

Gwen Mather



5 Nov 18

From: Paul Townsend

I went to Sutton-on-Hull in 1957 and our welcome was from WO Newbold, my instructor was Mick Madden. I was sent to Weeton to learn to drive, Brian London heavyweight boxer was there,then  off to Cyprus how lucky is that? I had a wonderful life demob 1987

Paul Townsend



31 Oct 18

From: Bob Gibson

Hi  all, I'm ex RAF Fireman having served from 1975 to 85. Started at Conningsby when the OCU was converting crews from Lightning to Phantoms. I moved about a bit after that having tours in Malta ( I was there when they shut the place) Scampton, Where 617 were still flying Vulcans, and ended up at Brize. If anyone remembers me it would be good to get back in touch.

Bob Gibson



2 Mar 2018

From: Brian Jones

I am in the process of updating the membership database and am finding that  a lot of members  details are out of date and many have no email or telephone numbers listed at all.  In order to rectify this problem and help us get information out to the correct places could all member who think they may be in this category contact me with up to date details.  My contact details are:

Brian Jones (Mem No 791)





SA18 3PD.

Telephone: 01269 594065

Email: 813jones@talktalk.net

Thanks in advance

Brian Jones
Membership Secretary


16 Feb 2018

From: Trevor Hayes

Dear Member,


 I would like to thank those of you who have recently made donations and/or increased your monthly standing order payment for the Memorial appeal.


The light is well and truly at the end of the tunnel now, and it is FS Steve Pickston’s and my ambition to have a Memorial in place by late Autumn/Winter this year subject to a boost in funding. This will be very fitting as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the RAF Fire Service this year.


There will be an unveiling ceremony to which all serving and Association and DFS members will be invited.


Kind regards




Where  we are and where we are going with the Memorial Fund.


The RAF Fire and Rescue Service Memorial will be a representation of all firemen, past, present and future who have served with and in the RAF Fire and Rescue Service .


The fund currently stands at:-                    £17,579.76


This is largely thanks to the generosity of the 21 people who donate each month by small monthly Standing Orders, (most of these people have already donated over £200 each),

Sponsored events by RAF Fire Service serving members, and Sgt Sutherland for his coins which have raised over £1,500.

Raffles, donations and auctions by the RAF&DFSA.

Donations made in memory of late Association members, Ken Bowden, Bernard Waters and Steven Doran totalling £670. There have also been some notable single donations from members of between £60 and £250.  


By September 2018 this year the fund will be at least £18,233.   


FS Steve Pickston and I have agreed with Peter Orgill, Head of Operations at the National Memorial Arboretum, the position for our memorial,  which is directly in front of the large RAFA Eagle; a prime position and a worthy place very fitting for the RAF Fire and Rescue Service.  It is between 2 Squadron and 214 Squadron memorials and next but two to the Police memorial.  


FS Steve Pickston has worked incredibly hard to produce a very impressive design for our memorial which I am confident will meet with everyone’s approval. The design includes the RAF Fire Service Crest, and we are working with an artist and stonemason with a view to embedding some images of vehicles and personnel in uniforms past and present, all in granite.


Steve and I are confident with the growth of the fund from the RAF Fire Service and the Association in 2018, and we have received quotations for the construction of the base, plinth and a memorial.


If funding continues from all sources, as it has over the last three years, and with a final push, we believe an impressive Memorial should be possible within the next 7 months, which will please many of our older members, before they attend the big crash site in the sky.


The question is, will we have sufficient funds by that time?   It is all about the generosity  of funding from all those currently serving and retired members of the RAF Fire Service, and anyone else.


If you are inspired by the idea of the early completion of our memorial and have never donated or have donated but would like to give more, NOW IS THE TIME. Please do it now before you forget, then perhaps we can achieve a great memorial worthy of its position  and representation of all members of  The RAF Fire and Rescue Service, past, present and future, and will stand proud alongside some of the great memorials at the Arboretum.


Please consider making a donation.  We need a final push now to achieve our goal for our memorial to be in place this autumn. Consider any form of fundraising, either personal donation or Sponsorship, coffee morning, raffle, quiz night etc etc. Anything that will raise funds.


For those members of the RAF or the RAF&DFS Association or anyone else  who would like to donate to achieve our great memorial, the three ways are:-


1. By cheque, made payable to the RAF Fire & Rescue Service Memorial Fund,  and sent to me by post for banking or:-


2. Direct by bank transfer.  The details are :-

    Royal Bank of Scotland

    Name of account:- RAF Fire & Rescue Service Memorial Fund.

    Sort code 16-19-26  A/c number 10726263


3. By making small monthly donations by Standing order. ( Please call me for details and a form)


Thank you for reading this  message.


Best regards to all.


Trevor Hayes

Treasurer of the fund


2 Gypsy Lane

Hunton Bridge

Kings Langley


WD4  8PR


Tel 01923 331975


11 Dec 17

From: Trevor Hayes

Sale of RAF Fire Service Coin. (Perfect Christmas present)


This superb coin was designed  by Sgt Jamie Sutherland of RAF Lossiemouth to raise funds for the RAF Fire Service  Memorial Fund.

Images of the coins can be seen here  

Sales of the coin to RAF personnel has already raised over £1,500 for the Memorial fund, and there and only 30 coins left at a cost of only £10 each, plus £1 postage.

If you are interested in acquiring one or more of the coins please contact me.


Trevor Hayes

01923 331975



2 Gypsy Lane
Hunton Bridge
Kings Langley


Association Treasurer


28 Nov 17

From:  Paul  Murray


I am the organiser for the Cenotaph parade and need the names of the members that have led that march with the Batten in previous years. If anyone can help please send me names and dates led.

I can be contacted via email at pmurr7753@gmail.com

Thanks in advance

Paul Murray

Cenotaph Parade Coordinator


1 Nov 17

From: Trevor Hayes

Donation From the Association to The RAF Museum of Fire Fighting


The RAF Fire Service Museum at RAF Scampton became a Charity earlier this year and is now called “The Museum of RAF Fire Fighting”.  This charity is organised and run by five Trustees.  

WO Steve Shirley’s vehicles and his other RAF fire fighting  equipment and  memorabilia is on  permanent loan to the charity.

 Due to the RAF’s demand for their hanger to be returned, The Museum of RAF Fighting’s estimated 20,000 items had to be moved and are currently in secure storage. The trustees hope to move to a permanent building in Gainsborough, 15 miles north, in the near future.    

Two months prior to our AGM in Bristol in October, a request was made from the museum to the committee for funds to assist the transportation of the Museum of RAF Fire Fighting’s equipment and memorabilia to its new home. The request was for a gift of £5,000. A meeting with the trustees was requested by the committee.

Prior to that meeting I forwarded a list of thirteen searching questions and a request for a copy of the museum’s last annual accounts to establish the charity’s financial situation. I also suggested to other members of our committee that an interest-free loan for £5,000 over 5 years and reviewed  in 5 years could be offered.  This  was financially  viable from the Association as the end of year accounts at 31st August 2017 would show cash assets exceeding £26,000.  

Our chairman, Neil Slade, and myself had a meeting on 17th August with two of t Museum’s Trustees, Steve Harrison and Steve Shirley, at RAF Waddington.

At that meeting, a copy of the accounts were provided and all questions answered adequately in writing.  The accounts clearly showed that the museum would be unable to cover the cost of this forced move from RAF Scampton, and their funds were reducing by £96 per month, which was the cost of storage .

At our committee meeting on 5th September, it was agreed to put the suggestion of the 5 year loan before the members of the Association at the AGM.

During the meeting at the AGM, Steve Harrision comprehensively explained the changes and challenges to the Museum and its charity status. I explained that a loan was well within the Association’s capability and financial support for the Museum’s purpose was written into our  constitution.

It was then suggested from some Association members that what seemed to be a continuous loan should be changed to a donation without ties from the Association to the Museum.  This idea was seconded and the vote passed unanimously.  

Please see the photograph of below a cheque for the £5,000 being presented by our Patron, Air Marshal Sir Roger Austin, to Steve Harrison.   


Trevor Hayes



18 Sep 17

From: Trevor Hayes

Reminder for the Association's AGM:

A reminder to all members that the Association’s AGM is on the weekend of 13th to 15th of October 2017 at the Aztec Hotel Bristol. For full details see the Re-unions Page.

Trevor Hayes



18 Sep 17

From: Trevor Hayes



To all members who still pay their sub’s by cheque and have not yet done so for 2017, I remind you that these are due on 1st September each year and are now overdue for this year.


To help me with the Association accounts, and my time, would you please forward your cheque to me as soon as possible to:-


Trevor Hayes
2 Gypsy Lane
Hunton Bridge
Kings Langley
WD4  8PR  

Tel 01923 331975

Trevor Hayes



9 Aug 17

From: Trevor Hayes



As the Association is presently without an Editor for Flashpoint, and to try to overcome this present difficulty, as it is felt we must continue to have Flashpoint, the committee, along with a little help and advice from our retired Editor, Steve Harrison, are trying to put together sufficient stories and photos both new and old to enable an issue of Flashpoint with 24 pages  to be printed in time for the AGM on the 13th October at the Aztec Hotel in Bristol, or as soon as possible thereafter.  

For Flashpoint to continue, it has always relied on articles, both long and short, along with photos from the membership. This is still the situation today and will always be the case.

Would any member, or non member, who has any interesting stories and/or photos, please forward them by e mail to me, and hopefully we will see Flashpoint continue.   

Out of our membership of 450, there must be a wealth of stories, ditties, anecdotes and photographs and at least one person who would make an outstanding Editor. Is that person you?

If you are interested in becoming the Editor, please let any member of the committee know.


Trevor Hayes



6 Aug 17

From: Gustavo Norberto Pasero

Dear Sirs :

My name is Gustavo Norberto Pasero and retired Volunteer Firefighter.

I´m writing to you to ask for some things as following ones:

• A Patch or from your Fire Association

• Information about your activities, organization and ranks.

• Photographs from your Fire Station, engines and uniforms.

Books, posters, etc.

I wait for your answer as soon as possible.

Yours fathfully




31 May 17

From: Gary Bishop

Although my time in the RAF Fire Service was a brief one (mid 80's Kinloss) I still enjoy coming on here, and recognizing names and faces from then. Also reading stories from them about their time up there on the Moray Firth. Hello to all on here who remember me, hope all's going well.....




8 May 17

From: Steve Shirley

Looking for any information regarding ex RAF Firefighter WO George Rodulson 1937-1975.  George's Grandson is a serving WO and is trying to find any info on his Grandfather.

If anyone has any info, please contact me on steven.shirley@mod.uk or steve.shirley@firemuseum.co.uk

Many thanks and kindest regards




8 May 17

From: Ron Brown

Any member wishing to attend the Annual Remembrance Parade at the Cenotaph please contact Paul Murray email:-







28 Apr 17

From: Alan Dawes

(Originally an email addressed to Steve Harrison regarding Flashpoint)

Hello Steve

Many thanks once again for all your time and valuable efforts in yet again getting myself, and all our members, another issue of "Flashpoint". I am sure that your paragraph, in reference to this being the last "Flashpoint"came as a shock to us all, also this could mean the collapse of the Association. I hope and with fingers crossed, this will not happen. Since joining the Association I have so many happy memories down the years from 1958--------1980. Surely somebody,within such a large membership that we have, will come forward, and save the day. If it is any help, Steve, you have my permission, if there way you could use this
e--mail as a "Fly Poster". I am sure it would be picked up and seen by quite a few, and hopefully, contact you and say "Steve I would like to carry on as your new Editor" . Sorry it cannot be me!!!. The article and continuing story "Foamlayers", went down very well. I have quite a few corrections to Colin Hall to his comments which I will leave until, if and, when we have another issue of "Flashpoint".
Once again Steve many thanks, I am sure somebody will twist your arm, and keep going with a Winter issue.
"As we we all were taught way back in in training days" : KNOCK OFF AND MAKE UP" Please, please, do not let this happen !!!

Kind regards



27 Feb 17

From: Chris Haughton

RAF Wyton Canberra Crash

Norfolk Road, Oxmoor Estate, Huntingdon

At approx. 12 - 12:15 on 3rd May 1977

Sadly, there were 5 fatalities – 3 Children and 2 Aircrew

The 3rd of May this year- 2017, will mark the 40th anniversary of this sad incident. As such the Huntingdon Town Council will be holding a Memorial Service in Norfolk Road. There will also be an unveiling of a Memorial Plaque/Bench in Norfolk Road itself.

Basic details:

Date: 3rd May 2017

Time:  12:00 (exact time to be confirmed)

I have been in touch with the Huntingdon Town Council and anyone who would like to attend are welcome to do so.

Please let me know if you wish to attend by way of E-mail or telephone and I will co-ordinate with the Council accordingly.

E-mail… scousehaughton1@gmail.com   or

Tel… 01487479369

I will publish more specific details, when I have them, closer to the time.

Thank you.

Chris Haughton



21 Feb 17

From: Ron Moultrie

Hi Jock Moultrie here(Ron). Anyone who remembers me from 1970/1985 please get in touch. If you didn't like me I'll understand.

Here's hoping

Cheers lads




27 Jan 17

From: Jamie Sutherland

I am selling challenge coins for the Memorial Fund, please go to http://www.rafanddfsa.co.uk/contacts.html#Memorial to view images and details.  I am also looking into the idea of producing DFS coins and a special edition scotch.  Please get in touch if you can help.




21 Jan 17

From: Trevor Hayes

The following  3 members have paid their subs, but they must have moved. I have no  known address for any of them, so they are not receiving Flashpoint.  

446  Brian Murphy

577 Patrick Boone

423 A Gettings

If anyone can help put me in touch please do so.

Thanks in advance

Trevor Hayes

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