In the mid 1990's it was decided to replace the entire fleet of airfield crash/fire vehicles with two standard appliances, namely the Major Foam Vehicle (MFV), and the Rapid Intervention Vehicle (RIV),   These trucks were to become standard issue throughout the MOD and were designed with a 20 year life-span to be used anywhere in the world backed up with a servicing and support package.

The RIV was designed as a smaller faster and more versatile foam appliance provided to supplement the MFV on  larger crash lines and to operate as a stand alone vehicle to work with smaller aircraft.


Alvis/Unipower 4x4

Engine and transmission

Detroit diesel with fully automatic gearbox

Water Tank Capacity

600 Gallons

Foam Liquid Tank Capacity

75 Gallons

Foam output

1000 Litres per minute through Roof Monitor

500 Litres per minute through Bumper Turret

450 Litres per minute through side lines (regulated)

Secondary Media

2 x 50 Kg Dry Powder Units

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