Mk 9

The introduction of the Mk 9 along with TACR1 and new foams began a new era in crash fire-fighting. Because of the nature of the flouroprotein foam it was delivered as premix, then aspirated at the monitor and through foam making branch-pipes.

Having a large tank capacity, the Mk 9 did not rely upon having extra water delivered from DP trucks, and its impressive jet throw from the monitor made it a powerful tool in fighting large aircraft fires quickly and effectively.  The only down side came when crash crews were reduced in size following the introduction of the Mk 9.


Thorneycroft Nubian Major V227 10 ton 6 X 6


Cummins V903 Diesel 306 Gross HP

Water Tank Capacity

1250 Gallons

Foam Liquid Tank Capacity

130 Gallons

Foam output (premix)

1590 Gallons per minute

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