Mk 10

The Mk 10 series was introduced during the early 1980’s as a primary 2 foam vehicle to replace the aging MK8s.  The original Mk10s just had one tank containing foam premix, but because of domestic requirements, the Mk10A was fitted with separate water and foam concentrate tanks. The Mk10B was fitted with a turbo and the Mk10C, supplied to the Navy incorporated a high pressure pump.  MK10D's were equipped with modern lighting systems and Clan Lukas hydraulic rescue equipment.  It was found that the original Scammell cabs were prone to rapid corrosion  so during mid-life refurbishment they were given a new shape and branded Mk10Es.



Scammell Nubian 4 X 4


Rear mounted Cummins Diesel V903 Diesel producing 300 BHP at 2800 RPM

Water Tank Capacity

600 Gallons

Foam Liquid Tank Capacity

98 Gallons

Foam output

4500 Gallons per minute

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