The Mk 12 was introduced shortly after the Mk 11 and was a very similar vehicle, the most notable difference being the smaller Carmichael monitor as opposed to the Rosenbauer.  It also boasted a two stage pump, a high-pressure hose reel, and had a better "pump and roll" capability.  Only nine were produced, one going to Boscombe Down, three to Culdrose, four to Yeovilton  and a Mk12A with hydraulic ladder for Tristar aircraft  to  Brize Norton.


Scammell Nubian 6 X 6


Rear mounted Cummins Diesel Turbo-charged UTA 903

Water Tank Capacity

1250 Gallons

Foam Liquid Tank Capacity

150 Gallons

Foam output

5000 Gallons per minute

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