Mk 8

The Mk 8 was introduced in the early 1970’s to replace Mk 5 and Mk 5A Foam vehicles.  It was the first modern Crash Truck to be operated exclusively from the monitor position and had a Jaguar 4.2 ltr engine installed for driving the pump.  Because of it’s rather ungainly design, somewhat sluggish performance and tendency to run out of water and petrol far too quickly, it was never a popular vehicle amongst RAF Fire-fighters. The Mk 8 was the last vehicle to use air-blown foam.


Bedford RLHC3 3 ton 4 X 4


Bedford 6 cylinder 4916cc petrol (road)

Jaguar 6 cylinder 4200cc petrol (pump)

Water Tank Capacity

450 Gallons

Foam Liquid Tank Capacity

80 Gallons

Foam output (finished foam)

5000 Gallons per- minute through monitor and two side-lines or through double-jet monitor

A gallery of photographs from Edmund Peschel

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