Mk 7

The Mk 7 was introduced in 1965 to supplement the Mk 6 fleet, and basically consisted of a DP2 chassis fitted with Mk 6 foam equipment.  With improved reliability, a suction eye and water pumping capability,  the Mk 7 was a more versatile primary one foam tender.  It was also easier to transport by air and saw service world wide.


Thorneycroft Nubian TFA 6 X 6


Rolls Royce B81 Petrol

Water Tank Capacity

700 Gallons

Foam Liquid Tank Capacity

110 Gallons

Foam output (finished foam)

5000 Gallons per- minute through monitor and two side-lines or through double-jet monitor

A gallery of photographs from Edmund Peschel

More Mk7 Images

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